Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meet the stars of the show

What kind of a dog blog would it be if there were no pictures of the dogs?
 I could write about my dogs and tell you what they like and don't like and everything in between but it wouldn't be the same unless there were plenty of pictures, right?  I think my dogs are the absolute cutest and most adorable looking dogs around and so I'm going to prove it to you right here and right now.

Let me tell you about Kaylee.
She is a long haired chihuahua and she's 2 years old.  She is fun, energetic and playful. But she's also calm and well behaved.  I got her when she was 9 weeks old from an ad in the newspaper. S he's black with a white chest and white tips on her toes.  She has the best temperament and gets along with everyone. Including kids, cats and other dogs. Kaylee loves to play ball.   She will bring it back every time.  If I'm busy and she wants to play she will play by herself quite well for awhile.  She also knows how to throw the ball and oftentimes she will throw the ball back to me. seeing her throw the ball always makes me crack up no matter how many times I've seen her do it. It is just too funny. She actually has good aim too.  The 1st picture is Kaylee at about age 14 weeks. She wasn't as fluffy as she is now.   But as you can see she IS adorable.
She loves to have her picture taken, I think. She always seems to know how to pose. She has a lot of white on her chest but her black harness covers it up.

She loves being able to play in the yard but not sure about snow. 
She wants me to play.

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